Project Introduction

Around DH 2020 revisits the goals of the original Around DH in 80 Days, in order to introduce new and veteran audiences to the global field of DH scholarly practice by engaging with current DH projects from around the world. Around DH in 80 Days was pathbreaking in its work to raise awareness of the existence of DH work going on around the globe. In the 5+ years that have passed, the existence of this DH work is no longer in question. Through Around DH 2020 we hope to take the next step: surfacing the networks of people and sources behind these projects, the tools used, and what these projects mean. What do the project developers hope to accomplish with this work? What have they learned in the process? To accomplish this, each piece is written by someone associated with the project, responding in their own words to questions posed by Around DH 2020.

Despite getting off to a slow start at the beginning of the year, Around DH 2020 aims to feature one DH project in a language other than English or from a minoritized group, every week. We also hope to include write-ups of “the state of DH” in particular regions, languages, or fields throughout the year.

Submit a Project

If you know of a project that you would like to see featured in Around DH 2020, please fill out this project form. Submissions will be sent to the editors for consideration.

Join the Project as an Editor or Translator

Brief editorial meetings for Around DH 2020 will happen synchronously every other Friday starting March 6th at 9:00 AM Pacific, with discussion between meetings via the Around DH 2020 mailing list. If you’re interested in volunteering to help identify projects and get the information we need to feature them, please join the mailing list.

We’re also looking for translators interested in translating the posts into any other language. Please email Quinn Dombrowski at qad@stanford.edu if you’d like to volunteer! Translators will be credited as co-authors of their translations.

Editorial Policy

Quinn Dombrowski selected the first few projects, based on linguistic diversity and responsiveness of the project teams. Subsequent choices will be made collectively by the volunteer editors, but the ultimate responsibility for all decisions (and any ire associated with them) lies with Quinn Dombrowski.

One goal of Around DH 2020 is to minimize the overlap in project teams between featured projects, and use the “State of DH” pieces to draw larger connections within the field. By the end of the year, we hope to have showcased projects featuring a wide range of languages, locations, and methods.


To begin the growing list of acknowledgements for this project, I would like to thank Alex Gil for passing the torch for the “Around DH” project, including transferring the domain name he created for the original project.