Around DH 2020

Digital humanities projects in languages other than English or from minoritized groups worldwide.

Around DH 2020 revisits the goals of the original Around DH in 80 Days, in order to introduce new and veteran audiences to the global field of DH scholarly practice by engaging with current DH projects from around the world. *Around DH in 80 Days* was pathbreaking in its work to raise awareness of the existence of DH work going on around the globe. In the 5+ years that have passed, the existence of this DH work is no longer in question. Through Around DH 2020 we hope to take the next step: surfacing the networks of people and sources behind these projects, the tools used, and what these projects mean. What does the project team hope to accomplish with this work? What have they learned in the process? To accomplish this, each piece is written by someone associated with the project, responding in their own words to questions posed by Around DH 2020.

Key: Collaborators: blue, Sources: purple. Map projection: Dymaxion.


TranscribeEstoria by Polly Duxfield and Aengus Ward

March 16, 2020

A crowdsourced transcription pilot project for Estoria de Espanna

Digital Nollywood by James Yeku

March 9, 2020

Collecting and exhibiting movie posters from Old Nollywood in Nigeria.

Family Letters by Jennifer Isasi

March 2, 2020

Digitizing, analyzing, and publicly sharing correspondence of a Mexican American family that migrated to the states of Colorado and Nebraska in the USA.

La Argentina Manuscrita by Gimena del Rio Riande

February 24, 2020

Creating minimal computing digital editions of the earliest written descriptions of the Rio de la Plata lands, from 17th-18th century Argentinian chronicles and travelogues.

Waves of Words by Rachel Hendery

February 17, 2020

Exploring the extent and nature of ancient contact relationships between first peoples of the Australian and Asia-Pacific region.

KuroNet by Tarin Clanuwat

February 9, 2020

Machine learning to transcribe Kuzushiji characters (a cursive writing style) to modern Japanese characters.