Asian performance cultures interact with the idea of Shakespeare in richly diverse ways. To give scholars, practitioners, teachers, students and general audiences access to productions in these cultures, the Asian Shakespeare Intercultural Archive (A|S|I|A) is building a multilingual online resource of performance materials. The archive will eventually hold 70 productions from East and Southeast Asia, and provides a full set of features:

• Users can switch between English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean on the website • Complete video recordings of all productions can be viewed online • Each video is accompanied by the original script and translations in a text window that displays 8-10 lines at a time • Photos, programmes and videos of rehearsals and interviews • Parallel databases in English, Mandarin and Japanese highlight the unique intercultural profile of a performance: its creators, dates and venues; art/forms, languages and staging; receptions and reviews; historical and cultural references • A Notepad attached to each video contains editors’ and translators’ notes, and users can add their own notes for private, group or public access • A personal workspace saves video bookmarks and searches • A forum for members to exchange views, news, and information


Selected by: Alex Gil

Text by: Yong Li Lan