Aluka is an international collaborative working to build a “digital library of scholarly resources from and about Africa.” Aluka is part of JSTOR, and is freely available in Africa. While the site is a scholarly resource with many submissions aimed at being used in the undergraduate classroom, materials are valuable to secondary and graduate students as well. Work began in 2003 with a site launch in 2006. It became a part of JSTOR in 2008.

Organizations that have joined Aluka may contribute to the collection, thereby gaining a larger audience for their materials. The goal is to bring together and raise visibility of the holdings of any institution with African holdings. Current holdings fall into two categories African Cultural Heritage Sites and Landscapes and Struggles for Freedom in Southern Africa. Both have been curated by local and international experts to ensure the quality of included materials which range across a many media from travelogues to oral histories to maps to excavation reports to scholarly research.


Edited by: Tassie Gniady

Text by: Tassie Gniady